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 Friday, August 05, 2005

Better Now...

So after the tattoo excursion of last Saturday I am finally back in pants! Oh yes, last Saturday I got a lovely floral motif tattoo on my right calf. I now feel unbalanced and think I should get the other version of this tattoo on my left calf just so as to not be uneven. My tattoo artist Skully did an excellent job. Saturday night my leg started to ooze blue ink, as in running down my leg oh god what’s wrong with my leg. My solution? Drink some wine. Then on Sunday it started oozing green ink. My solution? Drive 3 hours and think about the possibility of gangrene as the skin around my tattoo grows ever redder and more swollen, then go home and research tattoo infections on the internet. Monday morning it was a lot better, and it’s been steadily improving since. Now my dad who also got a tattoo from the owner of the tattoo shop, Bill, and he did an amazing job hand drawing a custom tattoo for my dad on the spot. The shop of course is Black Dragon Tattoo They are probably in the top 2 shops in Wisconsin (with Steve’s Tattoo in Madison probably taking the cake). My best friend Amanda also got tattooed on Saturday and you can see hers in her blog: . Now after many many days in Capri and short pants I am finally back in full pants. Which when you work in an ice box is a huge relief, cos now I am not shivering at my desk.

My emotional stability has also dramatically improved. This could be blamed on me finally getting back on schedule with my meds or the improved hormonal levels courtesy of my new nuvaring. Regardless, I am in a much better place and think I might be able to stop crying long enough to have a fun weekend. It looks like I am probably heading back down to Milwaukee, which let's face it, not going down to was only going to make me feel worse.

Last night I watched 2 new comedies on FX. The first being Starved, you would have never thought eating disorders could be this funny! But they are. This show was hilarious, but it also had enough pain to make you feel sympathy for the characters. I’ll tune into the second episode, but this seems like a show that will either get better and better as we get to know the characters, or alternately it will be a show that runs out of plot ideas too quickly. The second show was called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show too, fucking hysterical. It has the guy from Naked Josh in it who I have this gigantic crush on cos he’s just adorable. This show too has a lot of potential. I will definitely be tuning in next week.

So tonight I am apparently attending some sort of party with Gene. Which I gotta say, not complaining about at all. I called him to tell him I wasn't coming down and he was about to call me to tell me we had a place to be. How can I say no to that? Plus it's apparently a party at a gigantic house on LaFayette Hill in Milwaukee, and I have driven past those beauties for years. I'd just like to get inside once and see how the other half lives. I am trying to be very much in a I am a Leaf on the Wind frame of mind.

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