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 Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Secrets Are No Fun...

According to the stars (the astrology), today Venus is in Pluto making it a day about secrets. Secrets being revealed, secrets being pulled out of someone like their own intestines being ripped out by a serial killer, it is secrets day. I do not plan on revealing any secrets, that is unless someone busts me or some shit.

I do want to share one of the most interesting sites on earth (and one of my guilty pleasures) this is where you can send a postcard through the mail with your anonymous secret on it. It is a way to cleanse your soul. Whenever I go and read other people’s secrets, it makes me feel less fucked up; I also revel in it cos it’s like being a fly on the wall in someone’s brain. Some of the secrets are lame, and some of them are scary strange, or just plain scary. But it tells you that the people around you, they are always holding secrets, some are small but others are gigantic and if revealed could really be cataclysmic to someone’s life. It makes me wonder what the people around me are hiding, what darkness is inside of them, or even what lame ass secret resides in there (I love Tapioca!).

Seeing as I am not hanging at the end of my sanity rope this week, my blog will suffer. I need summer to start to wind down, or for massive rain storms to hit the US so my ebay sales stop suffering. Seriously there is no reason I should barely be pulling in $15 a week. I mean that’s not even enough to buy me cigarettes! I am gearing up for the big childhood selling, cos it’s not like I have any kids (or will anytime soon) and all this shit does is clutter my life and my brain.

I partially blame this need to purge all excess crap from my life on Neil and Gene. See they are men, and thus live with a lot less crap than us girls do. Honestly, I feel like the queen of crapville compared to the two of them. I know that often I end up with this uncontrollable need to collect. Every year there is something new I must collect, and it becomes an obsession.

Shit I have collected:
Orchids, Charming Tails figurines, Buffy and Angel Trading Cards, Depeche Mode bootlegs and concert books and anything else with Depeche Mode on it, My Little Pony (vintage and new), Fairies, Butterflies, Tiffany-style stained glass lamps, can you see I have a problem???

So I am trying to drudge through these collections to determine what is actually important, what I can live without and what I will die over if I get rid of. So far the orchids live with my mother and are her responsibility, if she kills them, so be it. The Buffy and Angel trading cards have been offered to a trading card company in England for purchase as a collection, which could bring me some hefty cash. The Depeche Mode bootlegs and excess CDs are going to be burned and sold on eBay if I can figure a way around it. Otherwise I will just head to one of those damn DM sites and put a list of sale items up on the boards. The new MLPs which are mint in box, if they have an out of box counterpart, are going to be sold on eBay for roughly 5 times their original value. I will NOT be selling off my Kimono MIB ponies or any in foreign boxes just yet. My collection of Argentinian Mint on Card vintage ponies are probably going to be put up for sale on first the My Little Pony Trading Post and then onto eBay. The doubles in my Charming Tails collection are first off going to be found (I need to take an inventory), and then put up on eBay.

As you can see I am getting pretty good about dumping off the excess. In addition to this I am selling off all my VHS and a heap load of books I either are never going to read, or have read and don’t need to keep, or that I have taken en masse from my mother to sell in lots on eBay without sharing the cash with her. Now I also have my childhood toys of which not all will be sold. I just don’t see how a 26 year old woman needs 20+ Barbies and all the shit that goes with them, or how 6 Cabbage Patch Kids are really necessary. And why is it that no one remembers the Get-Along Gang?

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