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 Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cos I'm Awake Before All My Friends...

Every morning I scour the internet to find the best in news. Well what I would deem the best in news. Then I pass it on to my pals. In an attempt to keep this blog active I will now post them here as well. If you are someone who is currently getting this email, and you read this blog enough to not need the email anymore let me know. I'd just assume only post them here!

Also, immediately go check out: My Inner Child Plays with Matches, under the 'blogs i read daily' header. This guy is a riot, and is one of the best reasons to 'support our troops.'

Monday's News:

Somehow Not As Funny As When It Happens To Us: Looting in Mexico

Archimedes Was Full of Shit: Historical Laser Disproved

Plague Hits England: Squab Anyone?

America: We're Not God, But We're Trying

What Happens When Sex Offenders Breed?

Rage Against Intelligent Design

Eating Brains Ain't Their Only Problem (notably not about zombies)

Muslims 1 Christians 0: DVD Causes Riot!

Tuesday's News:

Cheney's Been a Bad, Bad Boy (The photo alone makes this worth clicking)

Eminem's Not the Best Landlord

8 Year-old Girls Don't just want Teddy Bears, They Want Bear Guns!

Basquing in the Afterbomb

Rosa Parks Gets on the Big Bus to Heaven (& Still Refuses to Sit in Back!)

Taxes: Not As Voluntary As Hoped

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