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 Monday, November 21, 2005

Boredom Rears it's Ugly Head...

Boredom has reared it's ugly head, and I have sent part of my Chibi army off to attack Khrysten's Blog. Her's is way more interesting than mine as of late so go visit her. I am waiting for her chibi's to strike back (ala the Jedi) I have big plans for a movie post, maybe even tonight, so stay tuned!

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Comments Blogger Riss said...

I'm laughing over the fact that you created a little army down there. I like the one with the fan weapon like Kitana in Mortal Kombat.

P.S. - I blog under the influence of Nyquil and crack myself up big time. But I think my friends read it and think yeah, she IS nuts.

12:21 PM  
Comments Blogger mrcoolbadguy said...

the whole world is completely insane, some of us just figure as long as we're all gonna be crazy we might as well push the envelope and show everyone else how it's done.

3:40 PM  
Comments Blogger David Amulet said...

When you are REALLY bored, go to and type in the URl to one of your posts.

You will laugh your ass off!

-- david

8:35 PM  

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