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 Saturday, November 05, 2005

Car Thoughts Part I

Khrysten, for a while ws doing this thing where she would write down all the random thoughts she had in a day. Just the bizarre shit that passes through her head on a moment to moment basis. Amanda came up with the pie chart of thoughts, Khrystem took it to a new level with just listing them.

There are certain times when I do my best thinking: In the car, in the shower, and trying to fall asleep. A few weeks ago, while driving home I started writing down these thoughts. Today I bring them to you with some random thoughts from today thrown in. Welcome to the inside of my brain, it's a scary place:

1. If nothing sticks to Teflon then why can't we figure out a way to coat teeth with it and thus eliminate cavities.

2. I love burlesque. If Christina Aguilara covered "Hey Big Spender" I would go into burlesque just because that song needs to be stripped to.

3. I wish I could do cool 40's like things with my hair, ala the Devil Dolls or Gwen Stefani. I wonder if I should dye my hair again cos it's starting to look kinda awful. Should I break my vow to not cut or dye my hair until I am out of Wausau?

4. Jubal Early from Firefly is just like Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho."

5. Is biodegradable food trash still litter if you throw it out the window? Like can a French Fry get you a $200 fine even though a mouse might eat it?

6. Not only did birth control go untaught in Wausau, so did driving skills. How did these people get licenses?

7. Am I girly enough? Or will I forever be the buddy chick that guys fuck but don't date? Is my mother right, would lipstick and skirts improve my odds?

8. Why do I care about #7? I hate the word date.

9. I have like 6 books started, I really should finish at least one of them.

10. Apparently I just can't finish anything cos half of my existence is half-done. I've lived my apartment for a year and I still haven't unpacked everything. Moving is so overrated, I don't know why people do it so often.

11. If I got in a car accident right now and was really injured who would come and visit me in the hospital? Would this be one of those true tests of how good a friend is? How would people even find out I was badly injured? Who are my fair-weathered friends?

12. I love the BeeGees.

13. Will Ferrell reminds me of Michael. I don't know why, execpt to think that maybe someday in the future Michael will resemble Will Ferrell.

14. I wonder where my high school friends are. I wonder where my raver friends are. I wonder whatever happened to Theresa who was my friend for like many years and who just sort of disappeared off of my radar.

15. There is no such thing as absolute truth, there is only the perceived truth of an individual. All truth is clouded by personal experience and worldview of the individual. What is a fact for one person may not be as such for another. Honesty is a facade, an idea to make people feel like they aren't being betrayed or hurt. We are all liars of a sort. But if there is no actual truth then there can be no absolute lies, because all lies will be tainted with some level of the truth. Fuck!

Okay so #15 was a falling asleep thought that kept me awake for like a hour. At least it wasn't the BeeGees that kept me up.

UPDATE: Khyrsten will be posting her lists for all to see!! She's been added to my blog list, go check her out!!

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Comments Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my teeth coated with some kind of synthetic enamel when I was younger it was some kind of experimental thing they did to poor kids that I never heard about sinced then, my parents did it cause you get a free trip to the dentist if you do it, never had a cavity sinced then though.

11:32 AM  
Comments Blogger lysie6211 said...

The Bee Gees are cool. I just don't care what anyone says. Some of those are some pretty profound shit. I feel for you about the dating thing though. I'm forever the fun friend who guys like to fuck but never want to go out with or take seriously. Then when I do date nice guys they are just boring as hell. I should write some of my shit down myself. Especially since I have this bad short term memory thing.

10:44 AM  
Comments Anonymous nicholasandrewschuster said...


You must hear Feist's cover (if you haven't already) of the overlooked Brothers Gibb masterstroke "The Man Who Loves You Inside and Out". She wisely shortened the unwieldy title to "Inside and Out" and it was my Summer Jam of 2005 (as in official) and had many a solo dance party in my listening parlor whilst playing it at neighbor-startling decibel levels. I'll make you a mix tape.

12:22 PM  

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