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 Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No New Lost, So Read Damnit!

There is no new Lost tonight, what will you do? Well you could read the news below and comment on it if you wanted. Or you could just get caught up on that counted cross-stitch you've been putting off...

Democrats Shutdown Senate Over Lack of Transparent Government, Secret Meetings to Begin Soon

Venezuelan Leader Wants to Share His Toys with Communists!

What Would You Like on Your Tombstone?

French Kids Still At It! Riots Spread!

Bomba: Australian For Terror

The Levees Still Suck, Let's Get Some Dykes on it!

Red Wine, Went to Tut's Head

Bush's Head as Empty as His POckets

Here's a shout-out to Khrysten who is once again near death (what did we do to karma???). I hope you are feeling better girl, and I hate being so far away to not be able to help take care of you! Don't let Sammy's grilled meats get you down!

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