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 Monday, November 28, 2005

Post-Holiday Madness

Ahh... the holidays. Sorry I have been MIA and missed my weekly wrap-up and a Spanksgiving post and all that rot. I was up north visiting my parents (yes it is possible to get further up north than here before Canada), and they only have dial up, and it's really hard to check my blog let alone post with that. So here I am, many days and about $27.75 short.

This will be a completely random post. I appologize for my posting ADDHD:

Things I am thankful for:
The Tripod, cos without Amanda and Khrysten I would be lost. We're a fuckin' tripod, let no man tear us asunder (or rip one of our legs out).
My Fur-kids. I may have declared Jihad on one of them, but I love my kitties. They have kept me from driving my car into the quarry on more than one occasion.
The Hidey Place of Nice Boys and Girls thread on Let your freak flag fly!
My family, cos they make me feel like I am awesome and super and not a loser.
Hurricane Season: Yes I know it's a terrible tragedy, but I like watching mother nature take back what's hers. Plus it gives me something to watch besides reruns on Sci-fi.

Things I am not thankful for:
War, cos I think that those who have served our country and have done their time should get to leave. Stop this extension shit.
The attack on abortion rights that is starting and likely to continue. If they succeed I will assist in driving women to Canada to exercise their right to choose there.
The drivers of Wausau, cos they are all on crack or are just plain crazy.

This weekend (Thursday through Sunday) my mother actually tried to add all 10 lbs of holiday weight gain onto me. Seriously. Take a look:
Thursday: Appetizers including veggie dips, cheese ball, pumpkin dip (thanx K, it was a huge hit!), French onion soup, turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, yams, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, & berry pie
Friday: breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage and toast; lunch: turkey sandwiches with chips and pickles, dinner: venison goulash and left over sides from thanksgiving
Saturday: breakfast: toast, lunch: chili and corned beef sandwishes with pickle and chips, dinner: pizza
Sunday: breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast, lunch: lebeknadel suppe (liver dumpling soup, one of my most favoritest things), dinner: linguine with clam sauce and rolls

See? She's trying to kill me with food!!!

I did go out shopping both on Black Friday and Saturday. I think I spent maybe $100 total, which is good. I only spent $20 on myself, cos I needed a nicer X-mas tree and so I got this cool pre-lit one for $22.50 at Menards. While decorating it I realized that all of my ornaments are too nice to keep around my cats (who thus far are showing no interest in my tree), so I have to go find or buy some crappier ones. Here it is all prettified (I need to get a tree topper still cos I can't find mine, I think it got lost with some of my moms stuff):

So I finally started the great Christmas shopping. My mother is almost done. My aunt and uncle will be easy, but the other 2 legs of the tri-pod, my dad and my mom's friend Mary (she's like a member of the family) will be tougher. I am confident now that I have started nothing will keep me down!

Other than the tree this is the height of my holiday decorating:

Yes I have a fireplace in my apartment, I only use it when guests come over, although I have a feeling I'll use it a lot more this winter for supplemental heat. I like to burn Super Happy Fun Logs, which I name after famous quadrapulegics or parapulegics (can't spell either for my life). I will explain this in another post some other day.

Otherwise, the Holiday Karmic Bitch Award goes to: Khrysten. Check out her blog to see all 10,000 reasons why.

I promise to post more now that I have returned to cable internet! Tchuss!

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I just started my Xmas shopping too. I always wait until the last minute, even when I have money. I guess I'm just lazy! LOL!

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