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 Friday, November 04, 2005

Take Me Back Kevin Nealon!

Photo of Kevin Nealon used without permission from Saturday Night Live's website, but it's not like I'm profiting, I mean honestly, it's just Kevin Nealon, it's not like I am using a photo of someone important.

As per Khrysten's request the news is back (plus after looking at it today there was just no way I could abandon the news today)! Enjoy....

Libya: Not Havin' the Blogger

We Just Can't Keep Track of Our Prisoners Anywhere!

On a Ship Called Irony...

Burn Paris Burn, It's a Youth Inferno Those French kids need another outlet for their anger, has anyone thought of forming a militia?

This Botmaster is Not Named Warren or Mr. Universe

Cos It's Like Our Blitz, Only With the Poor and Black Camilla and Charles to tour New Orleans

Off With Their Thumbs! Let Them Eat Paint!

Wait, Someone in Kansas Believes in Evolution?

Wait, Bush Believes in Human Rights?

The Real Zoo: Prague The Gorillas on this show are probably more intersting than the shit people they keep putting on the real world, plus I bet they throw poo.

I'm Black Eyed Gurl, and That's news to me

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