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 Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday: It's Monday, the Sequel


All the news you might want to read:

Bush's Bird Flu Solution? Throw Money at It.

It's Just Not Safe to Hand Out Candy to Strangers

Buster Bluth Ain't Alone in Needing Seal Revenge

French Teens Riot for 5th Night (French Riot = Awesome)

Quadruple Jeopardy is More Like it

Leader of the Infidels Assasination Plot Quashed, Scooby Doo not Involved

Eh, I wish there was more intersting news, but without a hurricane or actual bird flu strikes, the news just ain't what it used to be...

Tomorrow is All Souls Day, don't forget to celebrate (those without souls are in fact screwed, yes that means us Khrysten!)

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