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 Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So I'm sitting here waiting. I'm waiting for the water to heat up so I can have a shower. I washed dishes and thus used half my water heater's water (it sucks its small and useless). So I wait.

I wait a lot.

Think about how much time you spend waiting for things: toast, microwave, in line, for a call, for an email. In this day and age of have it now, we still spend a lot of time waiting. This is good though, it gives us time to think. Think about where we would rather be, what we'd rather be doing, than sitting here right now waiting.

I wait some more.

I think about things. Like the fact that I haven't had anything interesting or funny or cute to say in days. I wonder if it's all dried up. I think about lighting another cigarette even though I just stopped smoking one like minutes ago. I wonder if that hour nap I took before Lost will effect my ability to sleep even though I have consumed no caffeine since I left work.

I wait still.

I wonder if I'll ever finish that story I started. I think about how much longer I can hold out up here, in the north, with no one. I think about how happy I was this summer and wonder if that'll come again. I realize this blog post is uncharacteristic of me, and I say so be it.

Still waiting.

I think about Christmas and try to figure out how I'm gonna afford this. I considered taking out a bank loan to buy gifts, but that just seems wrong. I wonder if my raise will kick in for my next check. I wonder if it'll actually impact my income. I think about more things to sell on eBay or somewhere to make the extra money. I realize I think too much about money, and hate that.

Fuckin' stupid water heater. Takes decades to heat the water and then produces barely enough for one shower. I wonder how more than one person can live in these apartments and both take showers in the morning. I'm thinking they can't, unless they share.

I realize I'm rambling, and go find another way to waste the time.

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