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 Thursday, December 08, 2005

50th Post News!!

For my 50th post I thought I'd return to an old standby, the news! Lots of ridiculous things have happened recently so here they are, complete with headlines from me! Enjoy!

Ann Coulter, Still Stupider Than Me

When Anything Above Zero is a Heatwave!

Anarchist, Anthropologist, They all Start with A

"Unattended Children Will Be Given an Espresso and a Puppy."

Angels with Dirty Hands

Umm, Nice Guys Don't Yell Bomb!

Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy Extended to Torture

Bush #1 & Clinton Again Get More Done Than Current President

Sex Report: Tortured Artist Guy Gets More Cos He's Like a Schizophrenic!

Hit Man Hired Over Cheese

Eskimos Sue US Over Habitat Destruction

They Aren't Called Compassionate Creationists: Professor Beaten for Developing Intelligent Design/Creationism Mythology Class

Crips Founder Seeks Clemency to Continue Anti-Gang Work (and not die and stuff too) *BTW: When Winnie Mandela, Snoop Dog, Jaimie Foxx, Desmond TuTu, Jesse Jackson, Mike Farrell, Russell Crowe, Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover all support letting someone live because they can do more good alive than dead, you might want to think about it Gubernator.

A big thanks to anyone who still reads this Blog! I can't believe I had 50 things to say. Kinda creepy when you think about it!

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Comments Blogger IvoryValentine said...

I love you Kevin Nealon! Thanks for bringing the news back again! I have to admit, I've been sort of mopey lately, and thinking something was missing. As it turns out, it's was the news. And now I'm shiny again!

11:57 AM  
Comments Blogger Eric said...

So i read KinkyPoe's blog before yours in the blogroll, so I knew there was some news up in here (Geez, I'd never SAY "up in here" why do I feel compelled to write it) but I didn't know how much.


And I think a dandy thought for today would be: If you cannot distinguish between a block of cheese and a brick of cocaine, perhaps a tiny little bit of rehab is in order.

2:22 PM  

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