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 Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Favorites!!

It’s Friday. Yup. Friday. Again. Nothing even remotely interesting happened this week. So I’m pulling an Oprah! Look! It’s BlackEyedGurl’s Favorite Things!!!

Today I am introducing a new sporadic series that will appear on here. It’s things I really like and think you should too. This is just in time for the holidays, and all of these items would make for fabulous gift giving!

This week’s Favorites? TV on DVD! All my favorite shows (lots of them were cancelled), some which you’ve probably heard of or seen, and some which might be totally new to you. If you want more information, click on the Amazon boxes to find out more. Yes I am trying to pull in a little revenue on here, mostly cos I might have to give blood to afford Christmas and every little bit helps! Also remember, I would not steer you wrong. These shows are worth every penny (except the ones from HBO which are too damn expensive, and were temporarily removed from the list!).

Firefly: My absolute hands down favoritist show EVER! Yes it’s a ‘space western’ but it’s so much more than that!!! Come on, how many cancelled shows get made into movies? Yeah it’s that good!! Like Deadwood? Like Star Trek? Try Firefly!! 500 years in the future Capt. Malcolm Reynolds and his crew pick up a few travelers, and their lives are never the same! Check out their legal, and not so legal adventures. For it being my favorite show this is the lamest write-up ever! Plus there’s a space whore (yes I said space whore!), check it out (also for a limited time on Amazon you can buy the TV DVD set with the movie DVD for under $50!! That’s a nice deal!):

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chosen One Collection: Before Joss created Firefly, before Angel, before the mistake that was Alien Resurrection, there was Buffy. Like some moron I bought all 7 seasons in individual boxed sets. Then they go and release the Chosen One Collection, and I realize I could have saved a bunch had I had some semblance of patience. But I don’t, cos I had to have my Buffy. I’ll be the first to admit Sarah Michelle Gellar is not a terrific actress, but while the show is about her character, there are so many fantastic characters surrounding her that you find yourself not caring that she sucks (plus she gets beat on a lot). Vampires, Demons, and Witches, Oh My! A great purchase for your little sister who about to start High School, or for those in your life who swore ‘If I ever refer to high school as the best 4 years of my life, shoot me.’ The High School is Hell metaphor is one we can all get behind (also the show delves into post-HS woes, and trying to figure out how to be an adult, when you still feel like a kid). Good Times.

Angel: Angel started out as Buffy's one true love (whom of course she could never actually be with!), who just happened to be a vampire punished to walk the earth with a soul. But then they spun-off Angel, and took a few of the Sunnydale regulars with them, and the show got dark. This is the mucho darker version of Buffy. It's more depressing, it's more like being a grown up. Angel ends up creating his own group of supernatural fighters including: A demon who can read your soul when you sing karaoke, a physicist chick who got stuck in an alternate universe, a street wise black dude, a British watcher dude, A valley girl, and lots more! If you liked Buffy, but your boyfriend hated it, buy him Angel. He'll love it.

Other shows I love, and think you will too, but which I don't have time to write up descriptions for:

**ALSO Just for your Info: For the Buffy and Angel sets, if you go to Amazon you can get the seasons individually if you are finishing off a collection or aren't sure you want to spend almost $200 for a TV show. Click on either of the sets to get to the Single boxes!

Finally: KARMA's BITCH: Khrysten wins again. I don't even know how it's possible! I think she may in fact have this all rigged...
Karma's Literal Bitch: Sparky, my mom's Australian Blue Heeler, who slipped a disk in her spine this week. Or she ruptured it or something, all I know is when I left on Sunday she couldn't walk. Now she's hopped up on steroids and painkillers, and my mom says she's good as new. Not bad for a dog older than time!

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BEG, are you hawking Amazon for fun now? Is it really that boring up in the great white north? It's just as boring down here in...the deep black south. And yes. I have everything rigged. I long to be Karma's bitch every week, every day, every hour. I arrange everything just so like a swirled line of dominos. I put everything into motion at precisely, the exact right time and I end up srewing myself. You never suspect because I look so innocent, but inside I am a true mastermind aimed at getting nothing but bitch-slapped every time. I gain nothing, but I continue on and try again.

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