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 Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tina Fey? I Wish!

Guinea Santa photo from Reuters on Yahoo. Look at me attempt to credit an image. BTW: This photos is from Moscow's Club of Friends of Guinea Pigs, who held a big convention thing, and had a costume contest. Who would have thought tiny guinea pigs could be dressed?

The boss is away, so today I will play... with the news!! (aren't you just thrilled??)

Flint-Knapper is Not a Dirty Word!

2005, What a Year to Be Screwed Up

Real Patriots Don't Need Civil Liberties or Privacy Rights

It's Not Kidnapping, or Illigal When the US Gov't Does it

I'd Sue Mom Too

Plague Smuggler?

Someone Needs to Lay off the Pot

Firefighter Resuscitates Dog (It's too nice to make fun of)

He Said, He's Not Taking the Garbage Out Damnit

No Habla Robbery

Is It Wrong That I Want to Go on This?

That's the Holiday Spirit!

Quick, Get Me into This Rehab!!!!!

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WOW! Thanks!!! Look KinkyPoe! You did it!!

11:47 PM  
Comments Blogger Chas Ravndal said...

hello there! I love your header. Nice!

3:34 PM  
Comments Blogger cube said...

Yep, the santa guinea pig caught my eye too. Such a hoot. Who knew they made outfits for guinea pigs and other small mammals?

2:10 PM  

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