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 Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Returns!

I haven't done a weekly wrap-up in quite a while. Yes, this is completely because I suck. My week in review:

Fate's bitch of the week: Kinky Poe who was fired in record time from her new job. 12.5 hours was all it took, can you beat that? I didn't think so. Girl, this might in fact be a sign from the gods to strike out on your own (I only encourage this if myself and my parents can continue to recieve nearly free computer help and repair, I mean we feed you and stuff, so that should count for something!).

Friend who constantly wows me: Ivory Valentine better known on here as Khrysten, for her amazing home redecorating skills. Seriously take her to a Goodwill, Jo-Anne Fabrics, Michael's, Wal-mart and Kmart and she can redo a room for under $100!! Never stops amazing me. Go look at her Blog and see what I mean!
Person who finally has given me a chance: Eric who was the only person to ever accept my Blog Rental Bid. I was starting to think people hated me and this blog, but now I realize it's hard to get people who don't know your blog to let you rent it. Thanks Eric! And many welcomes to your readers!!

First Tenant: The blog rental bid thing is why, now, if you look to the left on the side-bar I am renting out my blog. I have a policy that it's first come first serve on the Tenant list. This means I am not just renting out to my pals, I'll rent to almost anyone (exception made to people who's blogs are nothing but sales pitches and shit like that, I want interesting tenants!). This week we have Scooter McGavin, who watches as much TV as I do, only he has UPN so he can watch Veronica Mars which makes me a very jealous girl. Go check him out, he's funny and doesn't just talk about TV. I swear. Click on him everyday so I look more appealing to other people who might want to take up space in the future!!
I somehow ended up with a MySpace account. It's a very sad account as I have no friends, well except Lysie and Michael. Because I am the height of creative my space over there is called Plural of Apocalypse (actually I just do this to be consistent so if people find something they know its probably me.) If you are looking to improve your sad assed friend list add me, and I'll add you and then we won't look so pathetic together.

Unfinished Projects Finished (keeping resolutions 101):
Finished reading Kevin Smith's Silent Bob Speaks. If you love Smith or have an unnerving crush on the Affleck I recommend picking this up. It's the humor you expect and some excellent hollywood gossip.
Christmas was packed into Christmas themed rubbermaids, or at least well marked and then transferred to the garage. I am so proud of this.
Napped: only 3 days this week, but as I am still sick I think this is acceptible. I even Dance Dance Revolutionized after work before Lost on Wednesday. Which is like workingout for the incredibly lazy. According to their calorie counter thing I burned off one can of Pepsi. Yay!
Money Issues: Socked away that $15 from my first paycheck of the new year into the old savings account. I also listed a shit load of My Little Ponies for sale over at the My Little Pony trading Post, although no one seems remotely interested so I think they are going to end up on eBay along with the handmade my little pony charm necklaces. Hopefully people will buy them, cos I need money dammit!! (BTW if you are a collector and interested comment on this post with your email addy and I'll let you know what's available. Yes I am this big of a whore!!) All of this week's icons were stolen from LiveJournal users cos I am evil. They are all Wonderfalls themed, cos I wonder why the wonder falls on me, constantly, like it's leaking wonder or something. Plus some kid once said I looked like Jaye (who's real name is Caroline Dhav...(something Greek)). Here's to hoping I find something excellent and interesting to say or something cool happens to me or the universe.

BTW: I cannot express the joy I experienced this week when I heard Angelina Jolie was knocked up. Don't ask me why, it was the happiest I've been for a celebrity since the Affleck-Garner conception. I don't even like Brad Pitt, so I don't exactly get it. Go ahead mock me.

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Comments Blogger Kinky Poe said...

I knew I had to be fate's top bitch this week. Hell, I didn't even get to mention that I had cramps all during my 12.5 hours of employment.

And no, my backup family does not have to pay me. However you will still be forced to buy my mom & I's old techie shit which will in turn fund our new techie shit. I love tit for tat strategies.

Later Girl.

6:27 PM  
Comments Blogger Scooter said...

Thought I would stop by and say thanks for letting me take up space here. And I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my weekly fix of Veronica Mars. Well I guess I'd make friends with someone who had UPN and invide myself over every Wendesday.

12:01 PM  
Comments Blogger Croaker said...

Oh my goodness you can't see Veronica Mars- you are living in hell. That is the only show I watch regularly. Sounds like you are doing good on your resolutions though, BTW I'd rent my blog to you if you can catch when it is available.

7:43 PM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Nope, we have no UPN access up here in bumblefuck. I never realized how much I would miss UPN until I moved and then this awesome show came onto it. I have plans to buy the first season on DVD (I asked for it for Christmas but didn't get it) as soon as I can afford it. Seriously, cherish every week with Kristen Bell, I loved her in Reefer Madness and I caught a few episodes on either the WB or Fox affiliate up here (I know, they are wierd). I can't wait to get back to civilization so I can watch even more TV!

10:33 PM  
Comments Anonymous FyreGoddess said...

re: MySpace

Be careful, it's a trap! LOL. Seriously, though, it turns into a weird game of collecting people for some. But even that gets old. The people I know who stick with MySpace tend to really only accept the incoming links of people they actually *know*, whether online or IRL. It's the ones who have hundreds of half-naked women and people purporting to be celebs that you really need to watch out for.

(I always wonder if those people have RL collections of actual people in their basements. *shudder*)

11:00 PM  

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