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 Saturday, January 21, 2006

Post 69 Now With More Tatum!

Not to be confused with Psalm 69, or the 69th parallel or the sexual position. This is my 69th post. I thought I should commemerate it but spelling commemerate it wrong.

I wanted to write up a post before I flee the land where I have computer access to go to training in Milwaukee. No this is not obedience training (although it should be). This is some crap training I have to do for my job. Mostly it's an excuse for me to be in Milwaukee for a week, overschedule myself with people I rarely see and then come home with pneumonia from wearing myself thin. Yay fun!

I wanted to make this post a story about adventures with Duck Girl and the Bat of Accountability, but I think I might need to spend some quality time with Miss Maddie before attempting this. Instead I will talk about Tatum O'Neal.

First I am going to Pimp Fyre again so you make her credits worth it cos I feel guilty that I won't be posting my pants off next week. I am an irresponsible landlord who should be hit with the bat of accountability.

Secondly looky at my sidebar there are new places and faces there. Not only has Fyre made it to the side bar thanks to the infamous Movie Whore post, but I also found a new blog I am infatuated with called Infinitely Pie. Go check them out (but Fyre through the renter box). Pie cracked me up and I am begging for her to let me rent her blog as I type. Alien Loves Predator and 30 Second Theater with Bunnies also have been added. I have also put my blog on Blogs in Space, cos I figured if anyone will get me, it's probably the aliens. If you are an alien and reading this, don't come to earth, we'll only fuck you up and steal your culture and take your planet from you when we find a way to get there. So stay away, let us self destruct on our own. Thanks.

Now More Tatum: So I am hopelessly addicted to Dancing with the Stars even though they killed my Tatum O'Neal during the second week. I love Tatum and I will take no Tatum flack. When I was little I wanted to be Tatum after seeing Little Darlings. Ferris ruled!! She is way better than Master P who should be promptly removed and replaced with Tatum O'Neal. I want her to get her career back. People hire her! She's the bomb!!! I mean Robert Downey Jr. is a walking pharmacopia and people still hire him, Tatum's all cleaned up people should give her a shot! I think she needs a young tasty man-morsel to get her back in the good graces of Hollywood ala Demi Moore, so if you are a young actor go date Tatum! Her exhusband is John McEnroe but he won't beat on you, I promise! Tatum O'Neal you are the bomb! I adore you and your kickin' the drug habit ass! You are funny and even though you got all pouty and defensive after they ripped you to shreds on Dancing with the Stars (um who wouldn't?) I still love you. Tatum... (BTW: My love is not Lesbionic (is that a word), I love men, but I'd go totally gay for you Angelina Jolie or Shirley Manson).

Alas, I should go. I will try to blog on the run this week. Until then..

Tatum in Little Darlings! with Kristy McNicholl Who is also on the 'What the fuck happened to her' list.

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Comments Anonymous FyreGoddess said...

No worries, darling, I love you no matter how hard you pimp me :-D

Seriously, threats of violence to your readers to go visit me, adding me to your sidebar and then putting me in the same company with Tatum O'Neal... how could I not *adore* you?

Well... you know... I bid on Infinitely Pie, too... so maybe I'll adore you less if you beat me out :-P

Eh, probably not ;)

~FG };^>

10:34 PM  
Comments Blogger Eric said...

Tatum was cute and all but Kristy McNicholl was hot! All smokey bad girl with attitude.

Turns out she's a mental health consumer lesbian hairdresser now. Oh well, I guess that means we have at least one thing in common :-)

11:26 PM  
Comments Blogger lysie6211 said...

I know you love these things so TAG!!

2:03 PM  

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