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 Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It's 3 days past New Years and I think I should come up with some resolutions. Mostly cos it seems like all the hip kids are doing it.

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#1 Limit visits to the old homestead to once per month (time permitting) instead of wasting every last cent I have just to seek comfort and sanity and abandoning my little furkids for days on end. (Original resolution was: Do not go home unless someone comes to visit, but then I'd be trapped up here forever cos the only person who consistently visits is Gene and that's just cos its convienent from his mom's abode)

#2 Read one book a month. I went through a phase in the last few months where I couldn't stop reading, but before that I had sort of dabbled, I love to read so I should do this. Currently I am reading Silent Bob Speaks by Kevin Smith, he is one funny fucker.

#3 Remember to actually keep in touch with: Michael, Nick, Andrea and Madeline. Attempt to actually visit them by saving money not heading southward (cept Andrea who is southward).

#4 Attempt to actually organize my life. First project: Get all Christmas shit into Christmas themed or marked containers. Second project: go through clothes, rearrange bed room, move one dresser into room (if not both). Third project: get spare bed into spare bedroom by going through shit in said room and cleaning it the hell out.

#5 At least once this year ride a horse. I miss it too much and am turning into quite the fat ass. Plus ponies is nice.

#6 Convince parents to come down for at least one fully cooked meal made by me. I have all these cookbooks and shit I want to cook and no one to cook for. They live an hour away and thus are my nearest victims.

#7 Stop taking shit from people and use my spine. Khrysten watered it for a reason, I should reclaim it from it's post halloween melt down.

#8 Finish my damn Firefly fan-fic, even if it means getting help from others. Write more often, update Plural of Apocalypse Deux more often. Possibly also this could include finishing craft projects I have just sitting around.

#9 Get off my ass and stop napping every damn day after work. Maybe only nap 3 days a week after work. hell if I can get this down to 4 days a week I'll be proud.

#10 Try to save at least $15 from every pay check. I know it doesn't sound like much but when you get denied food at the Aldi you know you are broke. This also means I will be looking for ways to save money on my bills, I need to cheapen my phone bill somehow and find new exciting ways to save money. Also I need to start selling on eBay again, I need the spare cash and if I am around on weekends this will be much easier.

#11 Get art and/or posters framed prettily so it doesn't look like the only things I have to hang on the wall are photos of me on a horse. Cos that's just kinda wierd.

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For a full recounting of my new Years see Khrysten's Unfinished Thoughts (its on the sidebar I am being link lazy today) complete with Photos! Also The Deux has been updated again, go read my exciting evening involving rabid puppies eating ponies after being given brith to by Midge. Also I am so proud that 3 of my 4 Tags have taken the time to do their deed! You like me, you really like me! Riss, apparently, not so much (J/K she has kids and a far more interesting life than mine so I do not blame her).

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Comments Blogger lysie6211 said...

To seek comfort and sanity I LEAVE my parents house.... :o(

8:27 AM  
Comments Blogger Croaker said...

You nap everyday? I think you should add a serious dose of caffine to your daily diet.

9:44 AM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Lysie: The old homestead should more appropriately be called the old stomping grounds, as my 'rents live farther north than I (and I mean still lower than Canada).

Croaker: I drink at least 4 cans of Pepsi every day. On weekend I drink coffee. I have caffiene in my diet, my job is just not physical enough and by the end of the day I am so bored that all I want to do is sleep. Plus I have a cat that doesn't like for me to get any rest!

11:07 AM  

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