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 Monday, January 09, 2006

Stay Classy Blogsphere...

I've been majorly ill (no, not illin'). So I haven't blogged. Shoot me. No, please, shoot me for real. Anywhoo here's the news cos it was all too good to pass up today! (and it's my cop out for not having anything genuinely interesting or funny to say)

It's Barry Gibb! Now appearing at Chateau Cash?

Um, It's Not a Confession if Everyone Already Knew (Heads up Nichole Richie, You're Next)

What Happens in Vietnam, Does Not Stay in Vietnam

Douglas Adams Was Right, Mice Are Smarter Than We Think

Please Deposit Your Balls and Spine Into this Jar, Welcome to Pussy-Whipped

Belafonte Just Got Added to the Strip Search List

He's Already Going to Hell, Why Add Insult to Injury?

Cheney Lives! (unfortunately)

Too Bad She Didn't Get Run-Over

Europe Abandons God, in Future Will Thank Absinthe for Award Winning Performances

Who Doesn't Love Jenna Jameson? Americans Love Porn!!

Don't Feed Your Dog Until You've Read This!!!! <~No, Seriously, this one is actually important.

Strange Fruit

Ahh, Sophomoric Pranks on Election Day, Good Times

But Where Will Francis Bean Live? Oh Yeah, Bording School

Now Will She Turn up on Inked?? Please???

Utah So Homophobic, Deemed Totally Gay by Homosexuals

Well until I have something more interesting to say... Stay Classy Readers!

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Comments Blogger Croaker said...

Gary glitter is such a sleaze

2:35 PM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Word Croaker, Word...

3:03 PM  
Comments Blogger lysie6211 said...

Feel better soon!!

8:29 PM  
Comments Anonymous Jaimie Fairbanks said...

I don't know if you saw my other post on here from your Tori posting, but I would love to hear from you. Since I saw that I have been thinking about old times and how much we have to catch up on. Hopefully, I'll hear from you soon.

10:36 PM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Jaimie: I got it, and I sent you an email! Check your hotmail junk folder it might have some how ended up in there! (it'll be sent from A B)

11:49 AM  
Comments Blogger David Amulet said...

The mouse story is the latest reason for me to put more stock in the theory of karma!

-- david

6:21 AM  

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