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 Friday, February 24, 2006

The Game of Life

New renter! Spilling the Beans: GO SEE HER NOW! Ya'll did me proud last week, now lets keep up the good work!! Plus Spilling the Beans is a blog from across the pond which means she uses cute phrases like knickers and stuff. Much more interesting language than we get here. Please go check her out...

BTW: WTF?? Why will no one let me rent space on their blog? Do I have cooties??

If this cat were sitting with a Pepsi on a tapestry-ish looking couch this would be the cat equivalent of me.

I recently realized I haven't posted an actual personal blog post in quite some time. This may be because I am seriously lacking personality right now, or that I'm lazy. Instead I think it's cos I have no life and thus nothing real to report.

This belief was compounded yesterday when Khrysten composed a post about Space: Above and Beyond a new TV show she accidentally purchased at the urging of adorable little sci-fi boys from Best Buy. See it's like this, the show came out in 1995, we were 16, and when it came out, we had better things to do than get absorbed in a Fox sci-fi show, instead we had important things to do like harass the Denny's waitstaff and drink enough coffee to stunt our growth until we resembled Verne Troyer (mini me). Now, we are older, and thus lamer and far more boring, with acid reflux that prevents us from consuming large amounts of coffee, so we have time to get engrossed in TV and TV on DVD, cos we aren't hangin' at the Denny's 'til curfew on a Tuesday.

I love TV, this love has been espoused on this blog like Shakespeare wrote sonnets about hotties. But after thinking about it, she's right. I remember being too busy to watch Buffy on a Tuesday night, and thus never really watched a full season, save for an episode or two here and there until Buffy's final season. Thinking back the only shows I was really invested in back in the day were Roswell, Dark Angel, Rosanne and ER. Even so I'd tape episodes of Roswell and Dark Angel when I was at riding lessons, or out being a mischevious high schooler, or at work. So it's not like I was a ratings boon.

Now Amanda makes jokes that she's afraid to call me during the week in fear that she's interrupting one of my programs, which makes me feel like a grandma.

It all boils down to having a life, and I do not. Here is a typical day for me:

6:45 am Wake up, no, wait, hit the snooze button too many times until I realize I might have 5 minutes to get my shit together and get to work.
7:25 Panic and rush around house trying to gather shit for work and try to pick out clothes that will not make me look like a homeless.
7:37 Get out of apartment
7:40 Finally get dysfunctional door locked
7:47-ish arrive at work and hope no one notices I am 2 minutes late, then realize it doesn't matter cos I will just make up that lost time before lunch.
9:00-ish Smoke
11:47 Go to Lunch to read month old People magazines
2:00-ish Smoke
4:00 Give up on all work related work and waste time until 4:30
4:29 Walk up front and mark self and co-workers out for the day
4:35 Arrive at home, cuddle cats, possibly pass out from boredom
4:40-ish Call mom or Khrysten, regale boring-assed day stories
5:00-ish make something to eat and wash dishes while it cooks, multi-tasking is fun
5:30 think about cleaning cat boxes, decide against it
6:00 begin couch lounging, read mail, talk on phone, make list of things to do
7:00-10:00 watch TV, while knitting, crocheting or cross stitching
10:00-12:00 watch TV on DVD, while working on the textile arts
12:00 attempt to go to bed
12:30 possibly actually fall alseep

Some days I go shopping before I get home, those are what I consider my 'work-out' days cos pushing a cart through the store is hard work. Seriously, this is my life. On Saturdays I clean, on Sunday sometimes I do too, and sometimes I just do this strange shuffling of crap that makes me think I am cleaning when in all reality I am just shuffling crap around.
Mind you I am constantly coming up with ideas of things, and thinking about things, and going 'yeah I should totally take ballroom dancing lessons' (often mused upon while watching Drew Lachey perfom the Jive), or 'Wow, Lily totally failed to wash her hands after using the facilities' (while watching How I Met Your Mother). Okay I'll admit I was just looking for an excuse to sneak a pic of Drew in here.

And yeah, now I've lost my train of thought, because I suck. See I'm even too lazy to finish my thoughts!

Go check out my Renter, she is far more interesting than I am right now!!

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Comments Blogger debambam said...

Hey thanks for letting me bunk down with you for the week, i'll try and use some of those cute phrases your readers are now expecting! Although because they are just everyday things, i'm not sure which ones they are...oh well, i'll give it a go...hehehe

4:25 PM  

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