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 Friday, March 31, 2006

News For You!

Cos the news seemed so popular last week, it's back again!

It's Not Called Tornado Alley for Nothing

File Under: DUH!

Child Cries: "Daddy I Was a Jew Today"

That's Distracting? I Would Have Been So Screwed if That Were My School

Smugglers Inspired By Lost? Where's Charlie?

Cos the Word Bribe Doesn't Insinuate Favoritism

If Naomi Campbell Hosted America's Next Top Model Would She Kick Janice Dickenson's Ass?

It's Like a Genocide Scrapbook!

I'm Okay with This Only if She Doesn't Let Joe Near it!

Cos it Turned Out So Well for Utah and New Mexico...

Can We Send Cats to Guantanomo?

Russell Simmons Deaf Poetry, The Bitch Broke My Heart, Jam

Welcome to Spring Forward, Fall Back Indiana

She Once Serviced Men, Now She's Customer Service

Snakes in a Car

So That's How School Girls Got their Reputation!

Go visit my Renter! He has lots of much funnier news, cos this news list seemed like a better idea before I realized few things will ever beat the Miss Deaf Texas sroty... Go see Rob, he's so lonely for your touch...

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Comments Anonymous fragileindustries said...

Hey, BEG, thanks for accepting my humble offer of a Battle. This is my first crack at BOTB. I used to be much more humble, but now I am prepared to crack a can of whupass and win this thing! *winks*

May the best blog win!

1:34 PM  
Comments Anonymous fragileindustries said...

I hope to prove a gracious winner. You fought like a champ. I have no earthly idea how people choose, but thanks again and stop by any time!

12:34 AM  
Comments Blogger Eric said...

oh i'm not falling down the news rabbit hole this week. The deaf pageant mafia still has a contract out on me.

I can only hope to hear them coming.

11:13 PM  
Comments Blogger Croaker said...

Ah the news you find, so informative and fun.

12:12 PM  
Comments Blogger Joefish said...

I'm pretty sure the plural of apocalypse is "apocalots."

9:33 PM  
Comments Blogger Riss said...

Okay I forgot to tell you earlier but I finally saw Serenity and it rocked!!!!

I must somehow get ahold of the Firefly season and watch it.

2:00 AM  

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