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 Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random Post

This is hands down the cutest photo ever taken. Honest to god, does it get any cuter than this?
BTW: If my cat had a monkey friend, it might be enough to wear him out to the point of sleeping through the night.

I really have nothing productive or even conclusive to blog about. So instead I am going to blog at random. None of these thoughts are inner connected, they are just in my head. Some are lessons I think I should pass on to you, others are inventions I think need to be made, and the rest is just brain junk. Enjoy!

I think there should be ear plugs that drown out the noise of your cat banging on things and meowing at 3am, but which will still allow you to hear the alarm clock. Cos if my cat keeps this shit up I will be useless in about 2 days. Cos I can't sleep when he insists on being an asshole all night. I've tried everything to stop him: wearing him out, idle threats, not-so-idle threats, spraying him with water, feeding him so he gets sleepy when I do. Nope, nothing works. If anyone has a suggestion I'd be happy to hear it cos once again I am at a loss. I feel like a new parent with the baby that keeps you up all night, only this is no fruit of my loins. I'm also pretty convinced the upstairs neighbors (whom I have NEVER seen), probably think I'm a schizophrenic because I obviously live alone and they hear me yelling at 3am things like "Mister cut it out" "Mister shut the fuck up" "Mister I hate you" "Why Mister? Why won't you let me sleep??"

When going to the dentist for fillings it is wise to ask him beforehand what he plans on doing. Cos afterwards when 3/4 of your mouth is numb and you are starving you'll at least of had warning. I learned this lesson the hard way this week. The good news: 6 fillings: the bad news: ate a chunk out of my lip cos I didn't know it was there. It's sad when the good news involves novocaine and enamel.

Who in the hell takes a grocery cart to a photo studio?

Just when you think that you won't have enough money for groceries, sometimes your state tax refund shows up in your bank account. I needed to go grocery shopping today, but considering my last check involved paying my $600 in rent and other end of month bills I was left with under $100. Which is fine when you get paid weekly, I don't see another check until the 16th. It was a relief to know not only can I eat, but I can buy my Pepsi and cigarettes as well. Thank you state of Wisconsin for finally doing something right!

I don't understand why I cannot take a self-portrait with my digital camera like everyone else on earth. I also don't understand why I photograph horribly. I really wanted to take pictures of my Meredith Grey bangs to show every one who is not in my vicinity, and I just can't figure it out. Even if the photo is okay I look like absolute shit. I feel like I may need to spend quality time prepping myself for a 3 second photo. Everyone else looks cute on the fly in their self-portraits, why not me?

Stripper Shoes are optional

I told Michael I couldn't come to New York City because I was concerned my Hooded Sweatshirt lifestyle would be frowned upon. To which I was told, Hooded Sweatshirts are all the rage. Because I live in the middle of nowhere, I am so behind on anything that might be cool that I just assume that my 'style' is out. Although I keep seeing those damn gauchos everywhere and I think for my birthday I'm going to buy myself a pair cos I really really like them, and they are really comfortable. (BTW: I may be the only person on earth who finds herself growing to love the gauchos)

Everytime I go to list new stuff on eBay the fucking methods and set-up changes. My Auctions! Apparently they also changed the auction formats so you can find IT and look at IT and bid on IT. But now to 'watch' an item you have to be Sherlock Fucking Holmes just to find the link to 'watch' the item. Do they think this will inspire people to stop watching and start bidding, as if they would think 'damn I can't find the watch button, I'll just bid on it so I can keep track of it.' I gotta say this is some shit logic, cos instead of inspiring buying, the impossibility of finding the watch button (it's under the auction info now BTW) only made me want to try to find the item elsewhere! Fucking eBay.

It looks so harmless, BITCHES!

I'm a poor winner. I say this because last week for Wendi's birthday we went out for dinner with her husband and a friend and then came back to my place to play Scene It? After winning the first round by a land slide I stood up and made some comment about beating them. I think I also called them bitches. As an only child I am extremely competative. Playing Monopoly against yourself during your formative years will do this to you. You always win when you play yourself, so naturally then when you play in groups you expect to win. So when I win, I self-congratulate to a sick degree. When playing games with my old friends (there are some friends who would just assume not play games with me cos I get so mean) this sort of ass-head behavior was expected. I feel bad letting it loose on innocent new people. Although I did win again and was ahead in Trivial Pursuit when we gave up. Wendi's hubby did beat me once at Scene It? and had we played again I am sure he would have done so again.
Randomness done. If I had a new renter I'd pimp them here. You should be my new renter. Click on it and bid!

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Comments Blogger Serra said...

I put my bid in.

1:41 PM  
Comments Blogger David Amulet said...

I'd like to see someone in those pants sitting in a shopping cart playing "Scene It!" with a monkey and a kitten.

Now THAT would be one great picture!

-- david

2:46 PM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Serra: And You are a winner! I promise a thorough intro tomorrow!

David: I too would pay to see that, but for now the sperate images will have to do.

3:49 PM  
Comments Blogger lysie6211 said...

Snoop was up at 5am knocking shit over meowing. I tend to throw stuff at him and yell "Little fucker" and he shuts up. I'm a nice mommy arent' I??

I went to the dentist yesterday where they scraped my freaking gums. Today. Eating. So not going to happen.

9:25 AM  

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