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 Thursday, March 02, 2006


I have a new tenant and I thought I'd try doing this whole renting thng up proper with a decent introduction, instead of my usual idol threats. Although beware! Duck Girl is still about with the bat of accountability just waiting to beat some sense into you!

My new renter this week is Useless Advise from Useless Men. This blog is hands down hilarious. It's like We 3 Bitches only with guys and the occasional useless gal. The questions seem to revolve around bodily functions, which as a girl who has spent quality time with a father who calls himself 'Mr Stinky' can attest to, is definately a topic close to many men's hearts.

The answers to the questions are funny and well thought out. I personally enjoyed the 'Why is there no stinky balls section of the Wal-mart' question (question 231) and answer. If you head back into their archives they cover everything from why one's husband's addiction to the game Chicken Invasion is healthy and normal, to how to train your cat to stay out of the Christmas tree, why the olympics are in Torino but they keep saying Turin, and how to deal with one's love of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

If I were a guy I'm pretty sure I'd be apart of this crew. Seriously. I am in like with this site so much I might add it to my blogroll after they are done renting.

Example advise about a reader's love of the doughboy:
I suggest you begin by contacting Pillsbury. Don't take any heat in their claim that’s he’s a fictional character. That's just their cover. Like any parents, they can be over-protective.That adorable little baker was the result of a microwave accident years ago. His doughy body and infectious giggle are the result of radical overexposure to radiation from a bad seal in a microwave door. They’re not proud of it, so they try to cover it up.

Now go overthere and click on them, you know you want to. Send them a question, I bet the answer would be hilarious. Hopefully oneday the Bitches and these Guys can get together for a gigantic Q&A!!

Clicky Clicky, Now!!!

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Comments Blogger utenzi said...

Great plug for their blog, BE Gurl. I'm definitely going to wander over and see them--after voting for your blog, of course.

12:11 PM  
Comments Blogger Useless Man said...

Thanks very much for the post to go with the space. All the questions are sent in from people, and the stinky ones just seemed to come in one after another. perhaps teh senders are all friends. Who knows. We answer anything that comes in, including spam (on the slow days!).

Thanks again, and I do hope your readers enjoy it as much as you did.

Stay Useless!

2:49 PM  

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