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 Friday, March 10, 2006

Whiplash Smile

My new renter this week is Whiplash Smile, which is a blog that I've had blogmarked for some time. Why you may ask? Because Serra's kinda crazy. Kinda crazy in that way I'm kinda crazy. I would like to thank Serra for renting this week! Also whenever I see her screen name I am taken to a Firefly place, a place with Inara Serra, who is my favorite Firefly character.

She has a feature called ask your Psychic Fiend (yes it's spelled correctly), and it's hilarious. I can only image it is a mockery of Elsa Elsa's blog, which I have to admit, I once asked a question of (to which I was told my role was to serve or suffer, which seems kinda harsh). The psychic fiend is currently taped up, but is accepting new questions right now. And Fuck Yeah! I can take a joke!

She also has a business with it's own blog too Scented Business, where she sells things that would make nice gifts for yourself or others (that alpaca scarf is gorgeous!).

I really enjoy Serra's plan to reconfigure the PBS pledge drive. I too was watching the Very Best of Monty Python and was interrupted by boring hosts and fat people in matching T-shirts answering phones. I too was irritated by it. Only I didn't come up with a new plan. She did:

Here's the new plan: PBS should BEGIN the program section that is advertised for pledge-breaking annoyance with the HOSTS, not the funny and good PROGRAM they're trying to raise money to carry. You see, if this segment BEGAN with, "Hi! We're your gag-inducing hosts, Suzy Creamcheese and Guy Dilhole. You're stuck with us until you send us enough money to put Monty Python's Flying Circus in this time slot. We're going to stay here, annoying the living piss right out of all of you, until you all call in and pledge enough money to fund this program," they'd have those on-the-fence (and on-the-dole) viewers so sick of them within 10 minutes that they'd have every cent it costs to show Monty Python on PBS.
I would send them money to make them shut up. I think this plan is brilliant! BTW: Did I mention she then enacts how this would go down with sock puppets? YES, I said sock puppets (well she talks of imagining it going down with sock puppets).
Anyways I think you should go check out Whiplash Smile. She's a fellow northern Mid-Westerner (Who put me on her Hot Blogs list with Bonanza, which I gotta say, makes me feel honored), she's got cats, and it very creative. Plus, her blog's real pretty.
Make me proud readers, cos I so do not want to have to threaten you all with my Patti Hearst photo.
Also: How in the hell do I get ANYONE to let me rent their blog. NO ONE will let me rent their blog. I haven't been able to rent a blog for over 2 weeks. WTF people? Is it the cooties???

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Comments Blogger Serra said...

Oh, wow, I'm blushing here! I've never been quoted word for word before! Seriously--thanks so much for the great welcome post.

That scarf was really easy to do--and I'm so amazed at the results that I have to do another one. I just need a good excuse :)

2:19 PM  
Comments Blogger Croaker said...

Well usually I have a waiting list of people asking to rent. Its not that my blog is that specail its just that my blog is cheap to rent. I do not ignore you on purpose. I love my black eyed gurl.

8:11 PM  
Comments Blogger Useless Man said...

You were a TERRIFIC LANDLORD! Thanks again for hosting Useless Advice from Useless Men.

RENT THIS BLOG folks. It's great.

If you want to be a renter, I'll let you know when my personal blog is vailable (soon) at JPTH international. Your rent on that blog goes to support our work with the Useless...

Thanks again.

Drop me a line to so I can let you know when it is available. Everyone else can just send me questions for the blog!

11:46 AM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Thanks Guys, it's nice to know I'm not alone. I know that my biggest problem is that I refuse to pay 65 credits for a blog that consisently gets less than 10 hits a week for their renter. I mean at that rate, why bother?

10:21 AM  

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