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 Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buffy Vs. StarBuck

"I've decided 27 is going to be all about the angel food cake..."

Last Saturday was my birthday. I turned 27, and for once I didn't have some sort of 'OMG I am so much closer to death' breakdown.

Firstly I received a wonderful gift from the Blogsphere, from one of my favorite Bloggers Pie, who sent me a gift membership to the Nine Inch Nails fan club. I just want to say how absolutely awesome it was to recieve a gift from someone who, for all intents and purposes, is a perfect stranger to me. Pie's gift was a wonderful way to start out my festivities, which honestly went on for an inordinate amount of time.

Secondly, the other members of the tripod came up to visit me. This was nearly a miracle, as it was very tough to coordinate this effort. Khrysten and Amanda came up to hang out with me, although this was almost derailed by an emergency trip to the SPAM museum in Minnesota. I would have understood this and gladly joined them in their pilgrimage to this holiest of shrines. Although there appears to be a SPAM jamboree of sorts in June which we may need to get ourselves to, birthday or no birthday!

Khrysten brought me up the lovely quilt she made for me. It's actually a quillow. She wrote up the trials and tribulations of making it, on her Blog. Funny thing is when she originally sent me the photo it was only of one half and then she kept mentioning that it was a butterfly and I thought she was insane cos it looked nothing like a butterfly. I was concerned for her mental health, as well as her husband's who decided it was like a cocoon that unfolded into a butterfly. I was starting to wonder what was in the water in Racine and if I could get some. She even made it large enough for me to share with a significant other should one ever metriculate into my life. (also it is big enough for the cats to play in, in case cats are my only future).

We hung out from Thursday through Saturday afternoon. We celebrated Khrysten's leukemia free-ness. We had a Buffy marathon, which involved us watching an exhorbinant amount of season 4, and which amounted to over 20 hours of sheer Buffy joy. Yes we are this lame, yes this can entertain us for hours. Come to think of it we didn't even get drunk or anything. We just Buffy marathoned it.

At one point we did end up at the grocery store where we considered buying the $25.00 pygmy goat for sale on the community board. He was absolutely adorable, and it was reasoned that Khrysten does have a barn, and Amanda does have a spacious yard to keep a tiny goat in. There was concern as to why the goat was cheaper than a carton of cigarettes. But I long ago learned to not question the fucked-up-ness of Wausau and it's surrounding communities.

Khrysten also brought me up the Sci-Fi Immersion Program she began which involves the shows: Earth 2, Space Above & Beyond, and Cleopatra 2525. The latter involving Gina Torres as a woman named Hell, and a girl with a botched boob job who wakes up in the future. Honestly, it is not a surprise that this show was cancelled, what was surprising is that it was even made. In addition to being borrowed a part of the SFI program she also added to my rapidly growing Farscape collection and bought me all the new Battlestar Galactica, which is awesome as I am now hopelessly addicted, and when I grow up I want to be Starbuck.

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On Friday night we went out for dinner with my co-worker Wendi and her husband Matt. We ate at a place called Gulliver's Landing and I gotta say, the food mostly sucked. The coleslaw was good, and I am such a fan of this fine food, but the fish fry was greasy and did not appear to be beer battered in the least (bastards!). Afterward we returned to my apartment with Matt and Wendi to join the Buffy marathon (which Wendi did gladly and which Matt had not been told about. I did attempt to hook up my X-Box in my bedroom for him, but I didn't have the right connections for it, so he had to suffer). Wendi got me a really cool knitting needle case with tiny monkey charms in it and the thread spool holder thingamajiggie for my sewing machine so I can use it again, cos it's old and broken. The monkey charms are awesome and am trying to find a rightful home for them. There was also Angel Food cake with whipped topping frosting, which was delicious!!!

On Saturday after I bid the girls adieu I headed north to my parent's house to celebrate birthday-actual with my family. We went out for dinner at the Diamond Inn where a roudy troupe of drunks sang me Happy Birthday over my kneecap (it's a small fried donut covered in powdered sugar with a glob of whipped cream on it, it does actually look like a kneecap, but thankfully doesn't taste like one. It is the dessert specialty of the Diamond Inn). I did learn that one of the owners of the DI had her birthday the day before and one of the drunks was the day after. Apparently it was a popular weekend to be born.

My aunt and uncle got me some stuff for my kitchen including a cutting board as large as one of my tiny countertops, a nice new knife, an original tupperware orange peeler (do you have any idea how hard these are to find????) and a Mexican food cookbook. The cook book looks awesome and I plan on spoiling people with food from it soon. My mom's best friend Mary got me what I have deemed the most creative gift I recieved. It was a small selection of Fiesta Wear (which I love) packaged with the things you would consume from them (example: ramekins with flan mix). It was fucking brilliant. My mom and dad got me a Turkish pepper grinder, little travel purse accessories, a pair of shoes, a sweater shaver and something else I can't remember.

In otherwords I got a good haul.

I have spent the last week airing out my apartment (get 3 smokers in a small space and watch the stink arise), recovering from too much human interaction and watching Battlstar Galactica as if it might make a faster than light jump right out of here. I'm sorry it took me this long to post, but I promise to get more on the ball about it!

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Comments Blogger Mr. Anthrope said...

I had no idea there was a SPAM museum in MN. Hot damn - roadtrip!

12:51 PM  
Comments Blogger Kinky Poe said...

Oh yes - Complete with Spam Ballet & make a can of Spam activities. It was discovered by Khrysten who was stuck waiting for me outside the bathroom in a Kwik Trip in Portage WI.
Unbeknownst to the people waithing for the bathroom I was doing some emergency toilet repair because the damn thing wouldn't flush. While doing so I was worried everyone outside the bathroom was thinking I had some major intestinal problems...ahh roadtrips.

1:43 PM  
Comments Anonymous Joefish said...

I loves me some Starbuck. I'm addicted to BSG. I saw one episode and was blown away. Who knew it would be so smart? Wasn't the original about space disco or something?

11:29 PM  
Comments Anonymous kristarella said...

Happy Birthday!

Buffy is awesome!

Have fun cooking, I'm going to use one of my cookbooks to save some rasberries from destruction. I believe they will become sorbet.

10:14 PM  
Comments Blogger Plunky said...

LMAO! I live in LA and I saw Starbuck in Starbucks about 2 months ago. IT was humorous. I wish I had her body...

2:28 PM  
Comments Anonymous pie said...

Come back. Don't make me whine. You won't like me when I whine.

3:06 PM  

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