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 Thursday, May 04, 2006

News of the Week

Sometimes, the news is too good to pass up. I find this news and bring it to you. So now, I give you the news:

Tina Fey's worst hair ever, and Jimmy Fallon lookin' all adorable!

Mistress Says, "He makes a good bitch, so I'm sure he'll be fine."

Captain Morgan's Newest Flavor: Corpse

Bombs and Puppies Look the Same in a Bag

Grandma Says She Doesn't Like Gangsta-Rap and Porn?

NASA's Arch-Nemesis? Vultures.

Bush's Spanish is as Bad as Mine The picture alone on this one is worth it.

Carpenter Takes Cleanliness to New Level

Catholics and Ritualistic Killings, Together at Last!

Remember: Vote for Dad, Especially if You Live with Him

HIV Scare, Citizens Have 10 Second Glimpse into Life in 3rd World Country

You Can Go Home Again, But Only if You're a Cat

Technically it's Polyandry

Schools Deemed Satanic, Thousands of Children Cheer: "I told you homework was evil!"

Stalin's World Theme Park Makes Prison Camps Fun Again!

It's Just a Game Fuck-Wad!

Bong Hits for Jesus?

Find any news that I missed? Stick it in the comments, if it's good enough I'll post it with a witty title and a link back to you as the super sleuth who found what I missed.

BTW: Just a car update: My Honda is back, safe and sound with a new bumper, a repaired paint jon and they even cleaned what could be clean in my pig-sty of a car! The Honda dealer here does not suck, so if you kive here in Wausau, don't hesitate to take your car there!

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Comments Blogger Kinky Poe said...

I heard about the 'heartless' guy who stole money to pay for his mistress. Sorry, bad pun....Though yet again I'm thinking I should go pro. Beat men for a 6 figure salary? Im in! Early retirement here I come!

Glad to hear the Honda is back safe & sound. No more Hoolimobile. I was actually trolling the Mazda dealership earlier. Relatives shouldn't say things like 'We get 15% off new cars, way lower than MSRP'. Especially while you are sitting in your dream wheels.

A piece of news I was partial to:
Who can't find fucking Louisiana on a map?!?!

PS: Spell check is a wonderful thing. Unless of course you really do kive in Wausau & paint jon (which sounds kinky even to me). Hehe.

4:46 PM  
Comments Blogger T. said...

So I'm not the only one who thinks Jimmy Fallon is adorable?

9:16 AM  
Comments Blogger Riss said...

That corpse barrel story is hysterical. It's like the half a worm in the apple joke, magnified by about a jillion.

5:13 PM  

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