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 Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If You Aren't Outraged...

...You haven't been paying attention.

Sometimes, this world is insane. Sometimes the people in this world are insane. The story below does nothing but concrete my belief that Cleveland, may infact, be the location of the ACTUAL Hellmouth. This story is reproduced from:Mother Jones: Uppity Cleveland Woman Sent to Psych Ward for Bush Slam written by Diana Dees.

Uppity Cleveland woman carted to psych hospital by police and ordered to a psych unit by judge

For as long as we have had some kind of mental health system, women who "behave incorrectly" have been ordered to undergo its treatments. At one time or another, feminists, suffragists, menopausal women, and women who question authority in any way have been sent to institutions so that they could recieve "help." The latest woman to get such help is Carol Fisher of Cleveland. Fisher is on the staff of Revolution Books, and on January 28, while she was putting Bush Step Down posters on telephone polls in Cleveland Heights, she was
ordered by a police officer to take them down or face a fine. When she complied, she was asked for her ID, which she did not have on her. He then grabbed her by the arm, pushed her against a store window, and knocked her face down onto the sidewalk. He was joined by another officer, and they both pressed their feet against her back until she could not breathe. Her chin was pressed down into the concrete; Fisher has osteoradionecrosis in her jaw from radiation treatments for cancer.
Fisher was handcuffed and shackled. During this time, Fisher yelled out to everyone who passed what the posters were about. One of the police officers then told her, Fisher says, to "Shut up or I will kill you! I am sick of this anti-Bush shit! You are definitely going to the psyche ward."
She was then threatened some more and taken away in an EMS truck. At the hospital, Fisher was asked to undress in front of the police officers, which she refused to do. The officers refused to leave, so a nurse attempted to shield her while she undressed. Fisher says she was then cuffed to the bed, given an IV of some sort, and made to wait hours for a psychiatrist to interview her. By this time, members of her World Can't Wait group were in the emergency room having a confrontation with the police, who refused to let them see Fisher. Someone called the news media, who never made an appearance.
Fisher was eventually released and sent home. On May 2, she went to court and was found guilty of two counts of felonious assault of two police officers. The prosecution's "witnesses" had not seen the alleged assault; rather, they claimed that Fisher lacked respect for authority. It took a jury more than eight hours to find her guilty. According to a
letter to the editor of The Free Press, the prosecution misquoted Fisher's testimony and gave the jury incorrect information about the city's arrestable offenses. When asked to clarify the law, the judge refused.
As part of the pre-sentencing procedure, the judge, Timothy McGinty, had Fisher undergo a state psychological exam. He had already surmised publicly that Fisher must be mentally unstable to resist arrest. McGinty then declared her "delusional," and on May 9, ordered her to be incarcerated in a psychiatric unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland, where she now sits and waits; she could face a three-year prison sentence. According to
Mark Crispin Miller, who has spoken with Fisher by telephone, Fisher has also been placed on suicide watch, has had her eyeglasses taken from her, and--if she refuses to take the psych exam--she will be sent to North Coast Mental Institute for a 20-day evaluation.
Remember folks, this is how it starts...

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Comments Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any confirmation of this from an actual news source? Wouldn't they have jumped on this chance if there were a real story anyway? They pretty much take any chance they can get to bash Bush.

It seems the only place I can find this story is anti-Bush sites. I don't have any great love for the guy, but I think it's entering Art Bell territory to declare him "evil" and assume that (if this story is true) that 2 random cops beating up someone they disagree with is a wicked plot perpetrated by the administration to silence all protesters.

The story seems to be told only from one point of view on all these sites. I wouldn't mind hearing the other side.

9:27 AM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

Well, it was important enough to make the news in Ohio:

Before questioning the validity of news you might at least try google news search, cos I found a bunch of reliable local news sources covering the story. I also found several pro-bush sites reporting the story calling Fisher a Moonbat and other crazy things. Also Mother Jones is a news source, that while liberal, is well respected by journalists because of their complete reporting style.

I've gotta say I tend to believe her. When the officers told her it was illegal to hang the posters where she was hanging them she told them she would take them down, but instead she was arrested. The woman is 5'2" and about 100 lbs, is recovering from chemo and probably in her late 50's, I'm sorry but I don't really see her attacking 2 large strong police officers for the hell of it. Think about it. Occam's Razor states the simplest explanation is usually the most correct. I can't really believe that some tiny sickly woman would attack 2 cops just because, I can see her fighting back when officers handled her roughly, but not attacking them.

That is just my opinion, I wasn't there, but as a very liberal anti-Bush person I felt it was an appropriate to post on my personal blog.

BTW: If you are going to comment, the least you could do is NOT be anonymous. Honestly.

9:56 AM  
Comments Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous because I don't feel like registering.

And wouldn't the application of Occam's razor kind of play into the favor of the police when applied here? Wouldn't her refusal to remove her shirt in court lead one to believe she was also beligerent when the officers requested she remove the signs?

I did find those articles, but not one of them sounded even remotely Orwellian as all of the anti-Bush sites did.

My take on this? She was putting up signs. The officers informed her that the posting of signs (any signs) was illegal. She refused to remove them. The officers told her they'd have to arrest her if she didn't remove them. She got beligerent. The officers attempted to arrest her. She fought back forcing them to step up their takedown techniques.

Wouldn't that be Occam's razor at work, rather than assuming that President Bush has goons working nationwide in police stations trying to keep people from besmirching his good name? Rather than assuming the judge is in the pocket of the administration handing down sentences from on high to keep this lady from continuing to protest? If this were true, wouldn't there be men in black suits shutting down all these web sites reporting it?

I'm not trying to be difficult, I just find this whole thing rather hard to believe.

10:18 AM  
Comments Blogger Black Eyed Gurl said...

I wasn't trying to be difficult, this is my blog I can post whatever the hell I want.

This isn't the first instance of something like this happening, and I doubt it will be the last. I mean the gov't is tracking everyone's phone calls, infringing on our civil rights, and it isn't getting better.

I recommend you check out: and check out their "14 Points of Fascism" if that's not Orwelian I don't know what is.

10:42 AM  

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